Get to Know Josh


Josh Wynveen is a Director with nearly ten years of experience in healthcare consulting. Josh has extensive experience providing analytical and strategic expertise for Medicare Advantage and Part D plan sponsors.

Josh also has experience developing and evaluating value-based contracts, calculating year-end liabilities, assessing Medicaid product feasibility, and estimating ACA market impacts.
In addition to working with clients, Josh has recent experience directing the product, marketing, and staffing strategy of a healthcare consulting practice. He has played a key role in development and review of actuarial models, used for development of Medicare Advantage bids, financial reporting, and forecasting.


Baldwin, Wisconsin

Current Location

Hammond, Wisconsin


Josh’s wife, Holly, works as a K-9 trainer, part-time Dental Assistant, and mother of their two children.  Their family also includes two dogs…subject to change at a moment’s notice.


Family time and watching his kids learn and grow; Boating; Watersports; Golf; Snowboarding

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